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Mar 11th


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Comes in many forms and is not just related to vehicle accidents. Whiplash is defined as being an acceleration-deceleration injury to the head & neck relative to the body. As this usually results from a sudden impact, it can be caused through MVA (motor vehicle accident) or contact sports such as soccer, football, hockey etc.
However, to focus on the most advertised form of whiplash injury, the MVA! In this type of injury where the vehicle is struck from behind , the following process occurs:

 Phase 1 – seat back compressed into torso whilst head remains fixed due to inertia & torso then moves up compressing the Cervical Spine.
 Phase 2 – seat recoils, head/neck remain in place & as torso moves forward, the neck hyperextends (moves backwards).
 Phase 3 – head, neck, torso at peak acceleration starts to move forward as seat belt slackens.
 Phase 4 – torso restrained by seatbelt whilst head/neck moves forward, neck hyperflexes (moves forwards).

It is therefore important for you to notify your therapist what position you were in at the time of impact! Were you prepared for it, turned away/toward, side/front/rear impact? All this information will help in determining the treatment plan for you and your condition.

The signs and symptoms you are likely to experience will vary as the stages of injury progress. Within the first 24 – 48 hours, you may experience red/black/blue bruising with swelling and associated pain. Muscle spasms, apprehension to any movement of the affected muscles, burning pain, numbness in arm, weakness in shoulder movement, pain into the neck & shoulder, deafness, dizziness, headaches, jaw pain and possible difficulty in swallowing.

As time progresses, the bruising will dissipate but adhesions and trigger points within muscles will now start forming, which may lead to shortened and tight muscles. Although the effects of whiplash are felt (and seen) almost immediately, without treatment the effects could last for years after, particularly in the case of tight and shortened muscles causing headaches and stress.

Here at Dragonfly Release Holistic Centre ( ), we can assess your condition and aid you in your path to recovery through an agreed treatment plan, which you will be part of.

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