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Oct 13th

Design your own Bliss Day

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Sometimes life is just so busy you have to make yourself take the time out that you need to rejuvenate and reenergise yourself!  So the very next time you feel you are getting nowhere fast look after the goddess within and take a Bliss Day!

“What’s a Bliss Day?”  I hear you ask, well its a day just for you, when you take time out to do what you love without worrying about any of the other 101 other things that are calling your name!

Today I took a Bliss Day.  I went to church and learned that along with everyone else I’d missed Rapture Day so to celebrate we took off to the local diner where we treated ourselves to a wonderful buffet brunch filled with all sorts of things not appearing on a Clean Eating menu – but I loved it all the more for not worrying about that for once.

When we got back I slipped into clean pjs and curled up with a pot of tea, my laptop and my mp3 player, and spent the next couple of hours emailing with my son and his partner in the UK, researching various websites and helping a friend set up her blog.

Now this might not sound like your idea of bliss but it totally beat the 100 pages of data entry I should have been doing and for me it covered 3 of my favourite things – keeping in touch with my family, surfing scrapbook sites for ideas and helping someone achieve their goals.  It got better as  I was then treated to 90 minutes of massage and pampering and the day isn’t over yet!

So go ahead take the phone off the hook, slip into your comfort clothes and take a day just for you!  You could even design your very own spa day for the ultimate in pampering relaxation!  You could even try some homemade spa recipes like those used by The Home Spa Lady or on her other site here or you can try any of the wonderful aromatic recipes in the ebook, Aromatic Gifts,  available from West Coast Aromatherapy.

Finally if you would love a Bliss Day but want someone else to do all the work why not book in with us here at Dragonfly Release and we’ll help you create your very own Bliss Day.

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