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Feb 24th

Moving forward

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Isn’t it strange how, when you really start to set goals with the intention of sticking with them, “things” start to happen!

I talked in my last blog about goal setting and what barriers you create or are simply thrown in your way!  I mentioned:

  • Going it alone
  • Being unrealistic and making their goal “too big”
  • Giving up too easily
  • Financial burden
  • No plan of action

As Ange is my accountability partner, I set out some early achievable goals, which would help boost my own confidence.  To start with, I wanted to get my training courses “kick started” to attract potential students and to attend some courses for my own self development.  So, guess what, within a day of placing posters in the college where I teach, I started receiving inquiries about Reiki and Jade Stone massage.  What was even odder was that I started receiving inquiries from people outside the college, who I had never previously been associated with!

A spin off from this was a recent visit to the dentist by Ange for, what proved to be, a painful tooth extraction.  Now, Ange is one of those people who avidly hates dentists, doctors etc so this visit was always going to be challenging to say the least!  In order to help her through the process, Ange asked me to attend and provide Reiki.  So, during a lull in the proceedings, with the dentist trying to maintain her calm, I interposed and gave a brief Reiki treatment.  The dentist appeared quite amazed at the immediate effects and the calming response it provided, thus making it easier for him to proceed.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, how “things” are just meant to happen.

On a roll now, I have since attended a training course in Neurological Inhibition of the Sacrum and Pelvis, which should help a large number of my clients with lower back issues (is this you?) and about to embark on a course focused on the Head, Neck and Jaw – “Jaw Ache” issues!  Although required to achieve a set number of Continuing Education Units to aid my personal development, I regularly overachieve as I want to give the best for all my clients and am always looking for the next course of instruction to expand my skill set and understanding of the many conditions we face as therapists.

So, back to you, how are your goals looking?  During the writing of the first blog entry, Dragonfly attracted some new clients with (strangely enough) some of the goals we mentioned i.e.

  • Finally do something about that annoying/painful muscle ache
  • Improving your flexibility and wellbeing
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Learn to meditate

Just as an example, these are just two of the comments I received from new and satisfied clients:

“I definitely learned things from you that I believe are crucial to the healing process and I look forward to learning more from you. I definitely felt better after our session!  I look forward to booking another time with you in the near future that works with our schedules! I’ve been doing the stretches!  :-)”

“The Reiki affected me in a way I didn’t expect. I feel the energies flowing and emotions stirred…just know that the treatments have started working and I will look at the diary to book the next ones.  I will go for the three treatment deal”.

With a variety of available promotions, we can assist you in meeting your own personal goals, be it treatment or training!  For instance, your three months can start at anytime and includes a minimum of three treatments which you can have at any time during “your” quarter.  As a member you will be entitled to a 10% discount off any other services you receive at Dragonfly during your three month club period.  So, as part of the deal, how about a nice, relaxing and therapeutic Jade Stone Massage, which would only cost you $99 instead of the $110?

Your time with us is important to us – take the time for you!!  If you like the idea of doing this and, possibly, changing your life, contact me Jeff Phillips, Registered Massage Therapist & Reiki Master/Teacher here at Dragonfly Release, where your goals count!

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