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Feb 2nd

Working towards your goals

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So, here we are already a into the second month of the New Year – did you make any New Year resolutions for 2013?  Ange and I regularly take stock of where we are and set ourselves goals, resolving to make changes and plan for the future – some things we are good at, some we could do with some help with sticking with.

The Wheel - Goal Setting

The Wheel – Goal Setting

Most of my challenges that I didn’t stick to in 2012 revolve around technical issues like being better at keeping a blog up to date, tweeting regularly and really getting to grips with the whole social media thing.  It’s not my natural talent and needs to be developed, whereas for Ange this is a given for her but, last year, when reviewing her own goals, she identified that one of the things holding her back was not saying “no” to me and others when we got stuck with the techy side of life!  In always saying “yes” to us she was leaving herself with no time for her own pursuits.  So, last year she was really good at saying “no” and stuck with her goals, one of which was finding the time to be more creative – saying no gave her the time to focus on what she really wanted to do.

So, this year, when we sat down to review our goals for the year she got tough with me on the techy stuff because it’s been on my list for at least three years now (as you can tell, I’m really effective at dodging)!  But hey you know what?  I’m not alone here.  Did you know that only 10% of people making New Year resolutions actually stick with them?

Ange showed me an article a couple of weeks ago that gave some of the top reasons that people fail to stick to their goals which included:

  • Going it alone
  • Being unrealistic and making their goal “too big”
  • Giving up too easily
  • Financial burden
  • No plan of action

As a result, she is going to be my accountability partner this year and really challenge me to stick to my goals.  She is going to work with me to draw up a plan of action, breaking things down into manageable chunks, or baby steps, that even I can handle.

So what has all this got to do with you?  Well, I got to thinking that maybe you have set yourself some goals this year and maybe some of them are health or fitness related.

Maybe your goals included something like:

  • Finally do something about that annoying/painful muscle ache
  • Improving your personal best in your favorite sport
  • Becoming a fitter, stronger person
  • Improving your flexibility and wellbeing
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Learn to meditate

You don’t have to go too far to find that most top performers have personal coaches or therapists – be they in the business or sports worlds.  They have someone to support and encourage them, to review their performance and to suggest ways to improve their outcomes.  So here is where I come in, as your very own personal therapist, coach and mentor.  I encourage you to work in partnership with me to carefully assess your goals and current abilities then devise a personalized treatment and homecare program – one size doesn’t fit all – that will assist your success.  Whatever your health or wellness goal is, I’ll help you achieve it.

One of those reasons for failure to stick to goals was the financial burden people often face when changing their lifestyle to meet new goals, be it gym membership, exercise “tools”, clothing etc.  To assist you we have taken the recent monthly special we were offering giving a special price when you prepaid for three treatments and developed it into a Quarterly Club ideal to help you set milestones to your success.  The Quarterly Club gives you three 60 minute Swedish massage treatments within any three month period for an upfront cost of $180, a saving of $45.

Your three months can start at anytime and includes a minimum of three treatments which you can have at any time during “your” quarter.  As a member you will be entitled to a 10% discount off any other services you receive at Dragonfly during your three month club period, so even if you had all three treatments in your first month you would still receive a reduced rate for the remaining two months of your club period.  Just think, a Jade Stone Massage would only cost you $99 instead of the $110 and each additional massage treatment $67.50 instead of $75.  You gain all ways….goals, $$$ and achievement.  We also have a number of ongoing offers, which will be advertised through our website, so make sure you check that out first!

In addition you’ll get you get prioritized access to me, via email, for any questions you have, things you want to change (one size doesn’t fit all as far as homecare goes!) or for when you need that extra encouragement to stick with it.

If you like the idea of doing this and, possibly, changing your life, contact me Jeff Phillips, Registered Massage Therapist & Reiki Master/Teacher here at Dragonfly Release, where your goals count!

Affordable Ways to Help You Achieve Your Healthcare Goals!

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