At Dragonfly Release we take a holistic view of well being, that is we try to look after your mind, your body and your spirit.  One of the ways we do this is to encourage you to take time for yourself to relax and do something for yourself that will rejuvenate your spirit.  Whatever it is you do to relax is great but how about finding a creative outlet to help you relax?

Every day you create memories.  Memories are at the very heart of who we are. In fact it has been well documented that memories and the sometimes painful associations with them are at the very heart of people’s symptoms of illness.  This is where we can help you.  We will help you work through those memories and get them out of your body and onto paper.

One of the ways we do this is with memory keeping or scrapbooking/storybooking your photos and stories.  A picture may well paint a thousand words but wouldn’t you rather they were your words? Wouldn’t your rather be sharing the memories, the smell, the sights you recall when you look at a photo? Photo journaling, storybooking, scrapbooking even blogging are all ways of doing just that.

Ange, the creative side of Dragonfly Release, will help you capture your special memories to make them last forever.  She will help you preserve those memories so you can recapture those feel good moments every time you open your scrapbook or mini albums and look through your photos.  Whether you need help in getting started or just want to share your hobby with someone who understands why you want to cut and glue paper and photos then you’ve come to the right place.

Join us and take time out from your normal routine to focus on your well being.  We’ll even help you create your very own memory retreat!