Jade Stone Massage

Known to the Chinese as the Stone of Heaven, jade has always been a prized gemstone in many parts of the world. It has been used by the African Egyptians and Mayans as a massage and meditation tool for over 7000 years.

Jade Stone Massage incorporates heated and cooled jade stones that are placed on the body and used for massage. These stones have been cut to various shapes and sizes and then polished providing a very smooth and silky feeling on the skin.

Traditionally, jade has been used to attract love and bring money into your life. Jade is a protective stone guarding against accidents and misfortune.

Jade Stone Massage provides relief to stiff and sore muscles, resulting in the alleviation of common chronic and acute problems. Jade is believed to heal stressed organs and discharge toxins. It slows the process of cell aging and strengthens the body’s natural defences and healing power. The soothing green color of jade helps the body to self-heal.

Jeff provides regular treatments using jade stones and it is one of the most requested treatments that he provides.  Clients booking a treatment should be aware that the stones are used within a therapeutic massage and are not normally simply placed on the clients body for extended periods of time.  Jeff uses the stones in such a way that this treatment is billable as a therapeutic treatment with Blue Cross insurance.