Reiki First Degree (Shoden) Level

Reiki is simple to learn and anyone can learn it. Reiki is not a religion and it is practised by people from all walks of life. On an introductory “First Degree” course you will be connected to the energy (‘attuned’) and learn how to use Reiki for your own benefit and for others. You will also learn a simple set of ‘rules to live by’ set down by Reiki’s founder Mikao Usui.

The cost for First Degree training is $230 (inc. HST) this includes cost of 170 page manual, audio commentary and guided meditations (provided on flash drive), your certificate and one full day of practical training and ongoing support following completion of your studies.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion and then your own Reiki journey will truly begin. Like anything else you learn you will get out of Reiki what you put into it. So if you want to gain a deeper understanding you will want to begin to establish a daily routine that will incorporate Reiki into your life. Dragonfly Release can help you do this so you will not feel alone after you have completed your First Degree training.

If you are interested in reserving a space at a future training event please contact me for further details.