Reiki Third Degree (Shinpiden) Level

Shinpiden: Reiki Master/Teacher level at Dragonfly Release

For those who wish to continue their Reiki development to its natural conclusion, Reiki Mastership represents the end of one journey and the commencement of another.

Your Reiki Master/Teacher course is equivalent to a five day course because you spend at least three days (20 hours approx.) working through your multimedia pre-course study programme, and then you spend two days at our course venue to go through the practical energy work.

The pre-course materials consist of a 200-page course manual containing text, colour images, summary sheets and drawings to illustrate the details, a guide to running Reiki training courses, two audio CDs, a 30-minute DVD) and a detailed pre-course study guide.

This approach provides you with a complete training in Reiki at Master/Teacher level. You can learn at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, you arrive on the course well-prepared and already knowing a great deal about Reiki at this level, and then we spend two days working with energy and putting what you have learned into practice.

Mastership is not the culmination or goal of your Reiki journey, but a further step along the path. Consequently, to recognise this important part of your journey, we will hold the course at Dragonfly Release with the beautiful backdrop of Mahone Bay NS, providing an environment which will be an excellent setting for your journey.

It is our intention that you remember this experience and be able to look back on it when either “growing” yourself or taking others on their Reiki journey as Master/Teachers.