Reiki Training

Take the first steps to bring your life into balance, learn Reiki for yourself.

Everyone’s experience of Reiki will be different and there are many styles of Reiki being taught today, many of which bear little resembalance to the original teachings of its founder, Mikao Usui. Jeff Phillips is a fully qualified Reiki Master/Teacher, having received his training from Reiki Evolution in the UK. Please click here for full details of his Reiki lineage.

At Dragonfly Release our teachings closely follow the material developed by Taggart King, the founder of Reiki Evolution. This is a very simple, uncluttered style which is easy to follow as you take your first steps towards bringing Reiki into your life.

At Dragonfly Release we recognise that everyone learns in different ways and at a different pace. To this end initial training is undertaken at your own pace in your own home using a detailed manual and other media as study aids – provided on flash drive. As your Reiki Master/Teacher, Jeff will be available to you during this time via email, and telephone if appropriate, should you have any questions about your learning.

You will arrive at the practical training with already knowing much of the theory behind the Usui method of Reiki. This will help ensure you gain the most from your practical training.

The manuals and media are yours to keep so that you may refer back to them after your practical training. Following the practical training you will be invited to contact Jeff and secure your personal 21 day support package to help you establish your own daily Reiki routine within your life.